July 1986

Volume 152Issue 1p1-152
Papers of the Pacific Coast Surgical Association
16 February 1986 - 19 February 1986
  • Chest injuries

    2nd Edition. By G. Keen. Bristol, England: Wright, 1984. 177 pages

    • Constantine Mavroudis
    Published in issue: July 1986
  • Current emergency diagnosis and treatment

    2nd Edition. By John Mills, Marty T. Ho, Patricia R. Salver, and Donald D. Trunkey. Los Altos, CA: Lange Medical Publishers, 1985. 864 pages

    • Donald M. Thomas
    Published in issue: July 1986
  • Cutaneous melanoma

    Edited by Charles M. Balch and Gerald W. Milton. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1985. 538 pages. $69.00

    • Hiram C. Polk Jr.
    Published in issue: July 1986
  • Liver transplantation at UCLA

    Program development, organization, initiation, and early results

    • Ronald W. Busuttil,
    • Leslie D.F. Memsic,
    • William Quinones-Baldrich,
    • Jonathan R. Hiatt,
    • Kenneth P. Ramming
    Published in issue: July 1986
  • Wound healing for surgeons

    By Timothy E. Bucknall and Harold Ellis, E. Sussex, England: Balliére Tindall, 1984. 344 pages. $19.75

    • Erle E. Peacock Jr
    Published in issue: July 1986
  • Practical fiberoptic bronchoscopy

    2nd edition. By Kenkichi Oho and Ryuta Amemiya (translated by J.P. Barron). Tokyo: Kgaku-Shoin, 1984. 218 pages

    • Thomas W. Shields
    Published in issue: July 1986
  • Septic shock

    Volume 4. Contemporary issues in infectious disease. Edited by Richard K. Root and Merle A. Sande. New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1985. 276 pages. $42.00

    • William Browder
    Published in issue: July 1986
  • Surgical care II

    By Robert E. Condon and Jerome J. DeCosse. Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1985. 422 pages. $64.50

    • George W. Machiedo
    Published in issue: July 1986